March in review

So when we first got together and brainstormed what we wanted 3585livestayplay to be, we wanted it to showcase the amazing people and events that are in our little part of the world. But most importantly, we wanted to inform and entertain our readers. Just how many readers that was going to be was something we were unsure of.

Our website has had over 8,000 views during our first month with Green Lake-Just add water being our most read article (Going with the flow- an interview with Toni Taylor and Team Ben set to Run for the Kids being the 2nd and 3rd most-read articles). This support has totally blown us away and we thank you for taking the time to read our posts.

We are looking forward to our April edition, with cafe and restaurant reviews, some out-of-town places to explore and an interview with a Swan Hill local who completed the Kokoda Trail last year.

Thanks again for your support in our first month- if you are worried about missing a post in your Facebook news feed (or don’t have Facebook), never fear! Sign up to receive the articles emailed directly to your inbox whenever new articles are posted (a link can be found towards the bottom of the home page).

From the team at 3585livestayplay,

T & CM


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