Is it time?

‘When is it time to call it quits?’ she pondered for the umpteenth time that week.

Surely the frequency of her questioning was an indicator that the time was now. But she had become a fighter this time round, she wasn’t just going to let it slide out of her grasp, not this time.
Other times in her life she was more than willing to let the decision be made for her. Not wanting to feel like she had to try and convince others that she deserved it- they should be able to realise that themselves, surely? But this time was different.

Yet whilst this stubbornness had slowly been peeled away, she was now standing with no cards left to hide. She had given everything she could, had no excuses left and had been the most honest with herself as she had ever been.
There was one thing left to do. One thing that needed to be done. One thing she couldn’t quite bring herself to acknowledge, just yet.

Now. Now was the time to call it quits.


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