April in Review

Wow! Where did that month go?! Another hectic month here for the crew at 3585livestayplay…. seeking out stories for you, our ever supportive readers. It has been great to have the continued support of those who were with us from day 1, as well as all of the new readers that have found our site. We are truly thankful for the feedback and support that we have received through messages, emails, page likes, post likes and even in person!

April was a month where we got to meet some of our idols and got some serious crushes on new ones… I’m talking about you Fleur 🙂 . The top three stories for the month of April were our write up about Harmony Day in Swan Hill with Swan Hill Celebrates Culture, the piece that touched the hearts of many; A Thermoless Existence and the inspirational story of a local resident who took on the Hiking the Kokoda Track.

We look forward to bringing you more stories about what is happening in our neck of the woods, as well as sharing the stories of the amazing people that help make the area what it is.

CM & T


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