July in review

July has been a busy month for us at 3585livestayplay. We have been getting out and about in the community and have some great tales of local residents in store for you this August, not to mention another food review for those with a winter appetite.

We may still be in the thick of winter, but as July came to a sunny close yesterday, spring’s presence felt ever near. With a good month of winter remaining though, there is still a whole heap of muddy fun to be had. And we at 3585livestayplay also look forward to bringing you some outdoor fun this month before our swooping friends pay us a visit.

We at 3585livestayplay are also anticipating August for a different reason- the Olympics! It’s an exciting time in Swan Hill as local Tessa Lavey is set to represent Australia in the basketball this week in Rio. And we will be watching with eager eyes. We felt honoured to meet her in July, and you can read about her plight on our website- Tessa Lavey does Swan Hill proud.

However, while the world stops to watch our best athletes battle for gold this month, we will endeavour to bring you more reading from the Mallee. We have some beauties in our midst, so keep your eye on our page for more details.

In the mean time, here are our three most popular posts from July for you to enjoy…


Face Value

You are what you wear

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Rug up and enjoy what’s left of this green and glorious Mallee winter!



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