‘Play is the work of a child’- Children’s Week

As we sat down for dinner last night my five-year-old son gleefully declared his future. ‘I want to be a pet seller when I grow up,’ he said.

I pondered his career aspirations with intrigue. ‘Why do you want to be a pet seller?’ I queried.

‘I like pets, and I want to give them to people who like them,’ he asserted with pride. I should have known. ‘I also want to be an astronaut sometimes. That will be my second job.’

His face lit up like a glowing candle – beaming with raw anticipation – and I couldn’t help but share in his excitement for his future as a pet selling astronaut. It didn’t matter that the day before he wanted to be Quazi off the television program Octonauts, or that last week he wanted to work in a gym so he could push buttons on the treadmill, or that the week before he had ambitions to be a palaeontologist and study dinosaur bones. He is five years old. He can be anyone he likes.

It didn’t take my daughters long to announce their career goals and objectives. My eight-year-old decided she wanted to be a bread baker and a cheese maker (although she eagerly announced her shoe selling career change at first light this morning), and my three-year-old confidently revealed her ambition to become a turtle. ‘I am going to be a turtle when I growed up. And I want to be a giraffe too,’ she said. And she was open to the idea of becoming a monkey if the first two career options were not feasible.

As we celebrate Children’s week around our nation this week, all those unfathomable, yet exciting dreams and aspirations are fostered. Children’s week recognises the right of children to enjoy childhood, and to demonstrate their diverse interests, talents and abilities. Let’s face it, if you can’t aspire to be a giraffe when you are a three years old, when can you?

This week thousands of children and their families around the country will be participating in various activities to celebrate Children’s Week through their schools, child care centres, kindergartens, libraries and many more.

Even right here in Swan Hill. The Swan Hill Regional Library are holding their annual Roving Storytime this Wednesday morning, leaving from the library at 10am. Children and their parents or carers will unite on a guided walk around Swan Hill’s CBD, while singing nursery rhymes and visiting various businesses along Campbell Street. This exciting walk of discovery (or enticing change of career path) in our community will culminate with a free lunch provided by Swan Hill Specialist School.

Who knows, with a media theme attached to the week, I might even have a budding journalist on my hands for the day. Or a banker. Or a doctor. Or a librarian. Whatever they choose to be, it will certainly be a new adventure each day. For ‘play is the work of a child.’

Roving Storytime

When: Wednesday 26th October at 10am

Where: Leaving from Swan Hill Regional Library

Bring: Children need to bring a hat, comfortable shoes, a water bottle and sunscreen.

Visit http://library.swanhill.vic.gov.au/ or call 50362480 for more information





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