November in review- December 1st is here too!

The end of November signals many things in our house. It precedes the grand finale; the calm before the festive December storm.

Firstly, it is the start of our official summer. Never mind that we have had jackets on in November and enough rain to hold our own swimming carnival in the backyard. As soon as November 30th clocks off, the shorts and thongs appear, the barbie is stoked and the icy cold sprinkler goes into overdrive, regardless of the weather conditions. The calendar never lies.

Secondly, it is time to put up the Christmas tree. This is the day that my little elves have been eagerly awaiting since December 26th 2015. And this is the day that I have been equally dreading since December 26th 2015. But I cannot prolong it another moment. The day when my inner ‘control freak’ reluctantly withdraws as it witnesses many eager little hands at work. Today is the beginning of an uncontrollable tinsel tornado that lasts for over 30 days, ravaging anyone in its reckless and determined path.

Lastly, this is the day that our ‘Elfie’ arrives; watchful, bright-eyed, slightly creepy and ready to report any household misdemeanours to the great man in the North Pole. Santa claims he is here for the children’s naughty or nice list, but I am sure that he has been put in our residence – after 12 months of hiding in a suitcase – to expose my parental creative-elf-hiding flaws.

While there is so much to look forward to in December, November is our quiet achiever; slightly overshone by our livelier December.

With footy season well and truly over, November was a great time to partake in some Off-season adventures in or around Swan Hill. If you are after something fun to do before silly season arrives, or into the new year, this popular November piece may be worth a look.

It was also the month for the Arts in Swan Hill. We at 3585livestayplay took advantage of the welcome warm nights and treated ourselves to some gripping local theatre Moliere’s Tartuffe and Richardson Dance Studio’s concert, Raising the Barre. We were impressed by our young local talent.

While the Swan Hill Town Hall was lit up with a wide range of performances this month, the Mighty Murray River also proved to be quite the spectacle as several hundred paddlers graced our shores last weekend in The Massive Murray Paddle, while raising phenomenal amounts for local charities.

But more importantly, November was also the time to dust off the fruit bowls off in preparation for the local stone fruit. Hallelujah!

So as we head into the busy month of December, these busy little writing elves still plan to bring you more local pieces amongst the festive craziness. We have a giveaway in store for our readers before Christmas, so stay tuned for more details next week. And if you are worried that you may miss out on any posts during silly season, don’t forget you can sign up for email notifications on our website

Have a wonderful Christmas and stay safe!

The Team at 3585livestayplay







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