As one year ends, another begins

Many people in the media have described 2016 as one of the worst years on record. Yes, a lot of crappy things did happen around the world. But lots of good things did happen too. And this time of year is perfect to stop and think about some of those good things. Small things like taking notice of an amazing sunset that the Mallee region is blessed with. The relief for farming families with a successful harvest season. The achievements of our local residents in the areas of sport, art and fundraising. Here at 3585livestayplay, we have been tremendously lucky this year to get to meet so many amazing people and see so many amazing things, that we think perhaps it’s a bit unfair to call 2016 one of the worst years. Hopefully you are able to think back on a number of joyous moments this year as well.

As we count down the last few days of December, we would like to thank all of our readers and supporters for taking an interest in our blog and joining us on our discoveries. Our little brainwave started from our shared passion of writing- having both had our own individual blogs, we were intrigued to see what we could do together. We both couldn’t be prouder of what we have begun to achieve with We love showcasing what is happening in our region and we look forward to doing so again in 2017. But before that happens, we will be taking a creative break over the month of January. We will be reposting some of yours and our favourite posts from the year, as well as some of our earlier pieces which you may have missed.

January is also time for Toni to train for her upcoming 100km adventure run, whilst Carly-Marie takes a more relaxed approach and gets back to the south-coast for some beach time. Keep a lookout on Instagram to see what we are getting up to, and make sure you tag us in any of your Mallee adventures that you have during January.

Bring on the adventures that 2017 has in store!

Toni and Carly-Marie


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