Year in Review

February came and went and March is finishing up today! We were naughty and didn’t post a February in Review; Toni was too busy recovering after pushing her body to the limit with a 102km ultramarathon whilst Carly-Marie was pushing her sanity to the limit with self-imposed social media bans and attempts at finding love (unsuccessfully for those who were wondering!).

But when we stopped for a moment, we realised that we have actually been ‘live’ in the blogosphere for over a year now! When we launched back in March 2016, we really had no idea how our concept would be received (or if even it would be read by anyone!) by the residents of Swan Hill and beyond. Yet after 13 months, here we still are, enjoying every moment of sharing the stories of people and events in this amazing area we get to call home.

Without getting too sentimental, we both looked back on the posts we have made (this is our 80th post!!) and told each other what our favourite piece of each other’s was. This was quite hard because as we actually looked back on some of our posts, we realised that we were so privileged to share the stories of SO many inspiring people, groups and organisations. For those that are curious, Carly-Marie’s favourite piece written by Toni was Naked and Bleeding (highly inappropriate but highly hilarious) and Toni’s favourite piece written by Carly-Marie was Face Value (a piece which resonated with a lot of people).

What have been your favourite pieces? With our site receiving over 30,000 views (for what we are, we think that’s impressive!), our combined piece on the community’s effort to resurrect Green Lake to its former glory stole the heart of many, being our most read piece. Sporting legends Sharelle Grant and Tessa Lavey were in the spotlight in numerous media sources, ours being one of them. And one of our favourite eateries in town, Boo’s Place, was the most read food review piece.

As April is about to get underway, so is the local football and netball season in the CMFNL and neighbouring leagues. Which makes it the perfect month to showcase one of our favourite netball legends, as well as a couple of local residents who are following their passion of a different kind and starting up some new things in town…. (was that cryptic enough?!?!) Stay tuned!


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